KEBA Constitution

Document History

V 1.0April 2010KEBA Policies and Procedures CommitteeDraft for discussion
V 2.0July 2010KEBA Policies and Procedures Committee with input from the AssociationFinal version to be voted upon
V 3.0March 2013KEBA Policies and Procedures Committee with input from the AssociationApproved by membership during KEBA 26 March 2013 AGM

Constitution of the Kingston East Business Association (KEBA)

Article 1NameThis association shall be called "The Kingston East Business Association" (KEBA).
Article 2PurposeKEBA is a non-profit association, which promotes the economic, industrial, environmental, and agricultural welfare within the Kingston East Community.
Article 3MembershipThere are three classes of Member, Regular Member, Associate Member and Honourary Member.
Regular Member
A Regular Member is either:
  • a business owner in the KEBA geographic area or a business owner living in the KEBA geographic area owning a business located outside the KEBA geographic area
  • a representative of a business in the KEBA geographic area, appointed by the business owner
  • Although an individual may qualify for, and be registered under, more than one of the above categories, each individual holds only one Membership in the Association, and is entitled to one vote at Members' meetings.
    An individual shall become a Regular Member when approved by the Association's Executive.

    Associate Member
    An Associate Member is:
  • a current KEBA Regular Member owning a second business in either the KEBA geographic area or outside the KEBA geographic area who wishes to be included in KEBA for advertising purposes only
  • An Associate Member is afforded all rights of Membership, including the right to attend and speak at Members' meetings, but it not entitled to vote.

    Honourary Member
    An Honourary Member is:
  • an individual in the KEBA geographic area who is not a business owner or representative of a business, but is a law enforcement agent, fire department member, non profit organization representative, or government representative.
  • The Executive may designate an individual as an Honourary Member for a specific period of time.
    An Honourary Member is afforded all rights of Membership, including the right to attend and speak at Members' meetings, but is not entitled to vote.

    Open to:
  • Business owners or representatives with their primary presence located within the KEBA boundaries and
  • who pays the dues as defined in the bylaws, and
  • who is accepted by the Executive, and
  • who meets membership requirements defined in the KEBA By-Laws, and
  • honorary members including but not limited to law enforcement, fire department members, non profit organizations, and government representatives.
  • Article 4Administration A. An elected Executive as outlined in the By-Laws shall run the organization. The Executive shall operate according to the Constitution and By-Laws.
    B. The Executive officers shall be Members in good standing who are able and willing to attend Executive meetings, Committee meetings and general meetings when required.
    Article 5Meetings A. Regular monthly meetings of the Association shall have the place, date, and time stipulated by the Executive.
    B. The Executive shall meet as often as necessary to transact the business of the Association.
    C. The March meeting shall be designated as the "Annual General Meeting" to conclude all business of the immediate past year. Elections will be held (if necessary) to determine the Executive for the following year. Final reports and annual awards shall be conducted by the officers and directors leaving office.
    D. A quorum of 30% shall be present for each and every type of meeting as defined in the bylaws.
    E. All meetings to have a time limit specified on the meeting notice
    Article 6Amendments to the Constitution A. Any voting member may submit, to the secretary, a motion to amend the Constitution not less than 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The amendment will be distributed to the membership not less than 20 days prior to the AGM.
    B. An amendment of the Constitution shall be effected only with the support of two thirds (2/3) of the members voting at the Annual General Meeting.
    Article 7Amendments to the By-Laws A. Any voting member may submit orally and in writing a motion to amend the By-Laws prior to, or at any Regular or Special meeting. The proposal will be voted on at the following meeting.
    B. Such will require approval by a simple majority vote when a quorum of voting members present.
    Article 8Dissolution of the Association A. If by reason of failing membership it becomes apparent that the association is no longer viable, it shall be proposed by the Executive to the floor at a Special Meeting that proceedings as outlined in the bylaws shall be instituted to dissolve the association.
    B. In the event of dissolution of the Association, and after payment of all debts and liabilities, its remaining property shall be distributed or disposed of by the Board of Directors to one or more not-for-profit organizations.

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